Welcome to Dictionopolis!

Ghosts are but the words of eternity (Leyendas de Guatemala)

Today while creating this forum and looking for my first image I remembered, again, an old movie I used to watch over and over as a child. I tried to find it for years and it wasn’t until now that my mind just popped up an image: fresh baked cookies made of words on a plate. Googling around, I came across the movie on youtube! Fantastic. And then the whole film displayed in front of my eyes: the kingdom of letters (dictionopolis) confronted with the kingdom of numbers (digitopolis); rhyme versus reason.kingdom of wisdom

The Phantom Tollbooth (yes that’s right, that’s the name) seems to be inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, even though it takes off from that first entrance to the realm of “everything is possible here- letters grow on trees- numbers stab letters- you name it”, the movie actually develops into a mind blowing experience for a child; at least for the ones with a nerdy soul about to emerge. Yep, let’s merge into the Kingdom of Wisdom. And so to avoid getting lost in this journey, I give you The map you need to not wander off the path. We all know what happens when we do.