Waking up


What a wonderful morning here in Catalunya. I woke up to a sunny sky, a waving Catalan independentist flag on the wind and somehow in Istanbul.

It seems this century could be marked by the awakening of the so called Islamistdemocracies“, I was a bit envious I must admit, to see the people from Istanbul gathering together finally against their governments. In here, we wake up to waving dreams, which the light carries away, in an easy going monotony. What does it take to mobilize a country? Certainly the cause is just the same old cry, from the Scottish hills to the Egyptian spring. And yet, the Scottish are still nowadays trying to gain the title of freedom. This won’t be won in one night, but in a century of nights, til the dawn of a new civilization will finally arise.

Social networks, first taught by irc, have become the needed push for rebellion. But they aren’t enough to sustain new democracies, neither to assure fair elections; don’t be fooled, you’ll need way more than that to change History. Because it is set in stone, and you gotta break that stone day after day til you engrave your initials on it. This is a long long fight but it is worth it.

A few years back I came across this great manual in how to peacefully achieve democracies coming from dictatorship regimes: “From dictatorship to Democracy, a conceptual framework for Liberation” by Gene Sharp and the Albert Einstein Institution. You can click on that and it will get you to a nicely downloadable pdf, knock yourself out. I truly believe, to achieve a consistent and permanent change in Politics one has to get creative. Go beyond the regular demonstrations and find a way to express and spread your message world wide. Every cause needs symbols, which will work as logotips of a cause. I say this, answering to the populist idea that to rise media atention one needs to get violent; or the old arguments that, historically, only through violence History evolved. Well perhaps it is time to change that, we also have evolved since those times. This manual defends the same, to reach a breaking point and the imminent change afterwards, you just need Ideas.

About the picture I chose for this post, what can I say? I don’t know what it is more surprising, if the police going hardcore water mode on the people or the kind of people they were actually targeting. I mean, that lady looks like she was going for a fancy picnic to the park, with a red dress and a matching necklace and then: PUM, massive water ray. One has to love the fashion in rebellions.

What a wonderful morning, it feels like Istanbul is waking up with me: